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Domestic Radios

Pye Portable Receiver.JPG

Floor and table radio sets for personal or domestic use.

Industrial Radios


This collection includes large industrial radio sets and army type equipment

Radio kits


Various build your own radio kits

Media Materials

WWII RCAF Lamp & Case.jpg

Vinyl records, sheet music, cylinder records and related items.


SC Cossor OM-10 valve & box No. 371 (2).JPG

The museum has an extensive collection of valves.

Irish History

1923 Irish stamp.JPG

This group of items comprises of documents and memorabilia relating to historical figures and political events in Ireland in the early part of theā€¦


Stand alone speakers of all shapes and sizes, both industrial and domestic from all time periods.


SC 1939 Jamaica #2.JPG

Telegraphic communication