Domestic Radios


Domestic Radios


Floor and table radio sets for personal or domestic use.

Items in the Domestic Radios Collection

PYE Wireless Portable Receiver Sales Catalogue
Leaflet on PYE Wireless Portable Receiver. Prices, descriptions and details on each model included. Includes payment description for monthly payments. Information on radio receiver for external aerial. Some slight foxing on the reverse pages and…

Telefunken Opus Radio Set
Table model with push buttons.120V radio with 6 loudspeakers

Marconiphone Model 235
3-v +R, AC TRF Table model, MW/LW Mtrs/StN. Black rexine covered wood cabinet.

All references for this entry are taken from Radio!Radio! by Jonathan Hill (1986)

Goblins Teasmade 855
This radio has a built in alarm clock with lights. When alarm goes off a kettle sitting on the unit begins to boil and tea is brewed in a clay tea pot which sits on the unit. This radio was meant to be kept in the bedroom to provide fresh tea on…

Pye Transistor Handbag Radio
Short hand carry strap attached at LHS and RHS of radio body. Body enclosed in white synthetic perforated poly vinyl. Tuning scale on window bears the Pye Transistor mark on both the LHS and RHS of window in brown print.

Westminster ZA 818 Radio
Low profile tablemodel

Zenith Trans-Oceanic H500
A long distance radio containing a built-in removable wave magnet. Capable of over sea long range receiving.