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SC Cossor OM-10 valve & box No. 371 (2).JPG
Iheater 0.2A Vheater 6.3V Ianode 2.7mA

SC C180 Valve  No. 340(1).JPG
Twin Tetrode Type C180 Base: 7 pin, Chelmsford, England, 1954. Parallel Vinput 6.3 volts / Iinput 1.6 Ampere Transconductance = 3.5 A / V (Ia=30mA) Amplifier and Oscillator Max Va = 750v Ia = 90mA Amplifier Only Max Va = 600v Ia = 75mA

SC Eimus Type 250TH VT220 No. 342(1).JPG
Eimac 250TH High-MU Triode. Base: Special 4- pin, USA, 1953. Filament: Thoriated tungsten / Vf 5.0 volts / If 10.5 Ampere / Direct / Transconductance 5600 umhos / (Ib = 300mA, Eb = 3000) Typically RF: Vp 4000 volts Ip 350mA Ig 93mA Plate dissipation…

SC Type 250TH VT220 Eimus No. 338  (1).JPG
Eimac 250TH High-MU Triode. Base: 4 pin, No. 5001B, USA, 1951. Filament: Thoriated tungsten / Vf 5.0 volts / If 10.5 Ampere / Direct / Transconductance 6650 umhos / (Ib = 300mA, Eb = 3000, er = -20) Typically RF: Vp 4000 volts, Ip 350mA, Ic…

SC Sylvania 1A6 box i uploaded.JPG
Sylvania set-tested radio tube 1A6 box for Sylvania set-tested radio tube or valve.

SC Mullard EF39 box with EF37a valve No. 361 (1).JPG
Mullard EF37A radio valve in a Mullard EF39 valve box. Iheater      200mA Vheater      63V Vanode max 300V

SC Mullard Date Book No. 360 (1).JPG
Mullard Data Book 1959/60.

SC Mullard PY33 box & valve No. 359 (1).JPG
Half-wave rectifier tube. Iheater 300mA Vheater 29V PIVmax 700V Replaced the PY32. Has higher peak current and surge ratings permitting better smoothing, by enabling higher values of filter capacitance." Taken from…

SC Mullard EBC41 box & valve No. 358 (1).JPG
Mullard EBC41 radio valve 8 pins Double Diode-Triode PIVmax 350V (diode) Vanode_max 300V (triode)

SC Radio Haltron Tube Box 06.07.13 No. 336a.JPG
Box for Radio Haltron Tube 25Z5
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