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Ever Ready PP10.JPG
Ever Ready Battery PP10 9 volts Power Pack. In original packaging and originally stored in a wood and glass case.

Exide CZG3.JPG
Exide CZG3 battery in glass casing. 2 volt lead-acid accumulator in glass case. Charge at 2 AMPS. Fill in with Acid. This cell is fitted with wet treated wood separator (not SG 1-250 specified on instruction label). And first charged for 70 hours.…

Exide #1.JPG
Exide Drymax Dry Radio Battery. DM503. Exide. Original packaging, slightly soiled through age. Made in Britain. Grey and orange packaging.

Ever Ready Winner #2.JPG
Ever Ready Winner 120 v battery. Dark blue original packaging. A product of the Ever Ready Co. Great Britain Ltd. Biro pen drawn into the Winner logo on the front of the box. Slight damage around the holes in the packaging.

Ever Ready All Dry Radio Battery AD3. LT + 1.5 v x LT - HT - HT +90 v. Dark blue packaging original.

Ever Ready AD35 #3.JPG
Ever Ready AD35 Radio Battery +1.5 v in original packaging. Made in Britain. Radio Battery for longer life! Bright blue Ever Ready packaging.

Ever Ready B141 #2.JPG
Ever Ready B141 Radio Battery. Blue box encasing battery. Battery has slightly swelled inside box casing indicating slight leakage of battery acid, 90v + 1 1/2 v. Ever Ready Battery Made in Britain. Slim HT/LT battery pack used in 1950s Ever Ready…

CAV battery box.JPG
Cav G103 battery box. C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd battery box for the G103 HT Accumulator. Box slightly damaged with roughed edges. The advertisement on the front of the box includes the Cav logo and an image of the pyramid at Giza with palm tree. The…

Cav G103 battery HT Accumulator, built to last. Made in England. C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd. in Acton (West London) was founded by Charles Anthony Vandervell (CAV) in 1892 and moved to Warple Way, Acton London W3 in 1904. It's brand name was CAV (and…
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