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AD28 #6.JPG
Ever Ready Battery AD28 enclosed in it's original blue casing and plastic wrapping. Never been opened from the packet and no leakage from the battery acid. Packaging and battery in pristine condition. Light blue Ever Ready packaging from the 1955…

Ever Ready B141 #2.JPG
Ever Ready B141 Radio Battery. Blue box encasing battery. Battery has slightly swelled inside box casing indicating slight leakage of battery acid, 90v + 1 1/2 v. Ever Ready Battery Made in Britain. Slim HT/LT battery pack used in 1950s Ever Ready…

Mullard master valve in original box with packaging includes unused valve. Box is slightly worn and damaged. The description of the valve contained within is faded. 56 is written by hand on the end of the box. EL17 is printed on the end of the box.
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