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SC Mullard EF39 box with EF37a valve No. 361 (1).JPG
Mullard EF37A radio valve in a Mullard EF39 valve box. Iheater      200mA Vheater      63V Vanode max 300V

SC Mullard Date Book No. 360 (1).JPG
Mullard Data Book 1959/60.

SC Mullard EBC41 box & valve No. 358 (1).JPG
Mullard EBC41 radio valve 8 pins Double Diode-Triode PIVmax 350V (diode) Vanode_max 300V (triode)

SC Mullard EL38 box & valve No. 357 (1).JPG
Mullard EL38 valve

The EL38 was designed as a television line output stage valve in the late 1940s. In the early days of CRT based television the tubes could have been either electrostatic or magnetic deflection. The EHT supplies were probably…

SC Mullard EL37 box & valve No. 356 (1).JPG
Mullard EL37 box for Mullard EL37 Valve

Black Base Valve

SC Mullard EL37 box & valve No. 356 (1).JPG
Mullard EL37 Radio Valve Black Base Vheater 6.3V Iheater 1.4A Vanode_max 250V 25 watt audio output power pentode grey plate

SC Mullard PY88 box & valve (1).JPG
Diode PY88 Base: 9 pin, England, 1964-65. Iheater       300mA Vheater       30V PIVmax        6.6kV Ianode max   220mA

Mullard PM4 Box #2.JPG
Commercial box made for Mullard PM 4 type valve

Mullard PM4 #2.JPG
For power amplification
3.7 volts

Mullard Valve ECH35 BVA British made. Red metallised body with black base. 1041 2A. The ECH35 is a typical triode hexode frequency changer or mixer for broadcast applications. The classic envelope is 33 mm in diameter and, excluding the IO base pins,…
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