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SC Type 250TH VT220 Eimus No. 338  (1).JPG
Eimac 250TH High-MU Triode. Base: 4 pin, No. 5001B, USA, 1951. Filament: Thoriated tungsten / Vf 5.0 volts / If 10.5 Ampere / Direct / Transconductance 6650 umhos / (Ib = 300mA, Eb = 3000, er = -20) Typically RF: Vp 4000 volts, Ip 350mA, Ic…

SC Eimus Type 250TH VT220 No. 342(1).JPG
Eimac 250TH High-MU Triode. Base: Special 4- pin, USA, 1953. Filament: Thoriated tungsten / Vf 5.0 volts / If 10.5 Ampere / Direct / Transconductance 5600 umhos / (Ib = 300mA, Eb = 3000) Typically RF: Vp 4000 volts Ip 350mA Ig 93mA Plate dissipation…

SC C180 Valve  No. 340(1).JPG
Twin Tetrode Type C180 Base: 7 pin, Chelmsford, England, 1954. Parallel Vinput 6.3 volts / Iinput 1.6 Ampere Transconductance = 3.5 A / V (Ia=30mA) Amplifier and Oscillator Max Va = 750v Ia = 90mA Amplifier Only Max Va = 600v Ia = 75mA

SC Elpico box & valve i uploaded.JPG
12 months guarantee
Cylinder valve

Elpico box #2.JPG
Elpico Electronic radio valve PL81 box.
Green box, cardboard with yellow and black writing.
"12 months guarantee. Cylinder valve."

SC Mullard EBC41 box & valve No. 358 (1).JPG
Mullard EBC41 radio valve 8 pins Double Diode-Triode PIVmax 350V (diode) Vanode_max 300V (triode)

Mullard PM4 #2.JPG
For power amplification
3.7 volts

Mullard PM4 Box #2.JPG
Commercial box made for Mullard PM 4 type valve

Mullard Valve ECH35 BVA British made. Red metallised body with black base. 1041 2A. The ECH35 is a typical triode hexode frequency changer or mixer for broadcast applications. The classic envelope is 33 mm in diameter and, excluding the IO base pins,…

Amerty #1.JPG
Mullard Amerty 6A8G C9G valve. Amerty range is the Mullard produced range for use in America (North). This valve has been used and has slight discolouration on the internal glass dome. British made with black base.
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