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Leaflet on PYE Wireless Portable Receiver. Prices, descriptions and details on each model included. Includes payment description for monthly payments. Information on radio receiver for external aerial. Some slight foxing on the reverse pages and…

Incar unit with chrome plated from panel. White adjustment knob on far LHS of front panel. White adjustment knob on far RHS of front panel. Inner clear plastic window with printed scale for 200-550 MW and 1100 - 2000 LW. Window also contains two side…

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Short hand carry strap attached at LHS and RHS of radio body. Body enclosed in white synthetic perforated poly vinyl. Tuning scale on window bears the Pye Transistor mark on both the LHS and RHS of window in brown print.

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AM5D Transistor ReporterThe Transistor Reporter AM5D was a small dash mount mobile, and in technology terms was a cross between the PTC116 Reporter, the PTC2001 Ranger and the AM10D Cambridge and was mainly sold in the Republic of Eire. It was…
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