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SC Cossor OM-10 valve & box No. 371 (2).JPG
Iheater 0.2A Vheater 6.3V Ianode 2.7mA

SC Sylvania 1A6 box i uploaded.JPG
Sylvania set-tested radio tube 1A6 box for Sylvania set-tested radio tube or valve.

SC Radio Haltron Tube Box 06.07.13 No. 336a.JPG
Box for Radio Haltron Tube 25Z5

SC Mullard EL38 box & valve No. 357 (1).JPG
Mullard EL38 valve

The EL38 was designed as a television line output stage valve in the late 1940s. In the early days of CRT based television the tubes could have been either electrostatic or magnetic deflection. The EHT supplies were probably…

SC 1939 Jamaica #2.JPG
Telegram to friend of writer on board the SS Cragpool in 1939 from Kingston Jamaica. Telegram consists of two pages. Written in fountain pen on the printed page from the Marine Service. No foxing but page slightly crumpled from current storage.…

SC 1938 Gold Coast.JPG
First page of a telegram from a son to his mother in 1938 from the SS Cragpool via the British Wireless Marine Service. Written in fountain pen on the printed page from the Marine Service. Missing second page of the transmission with identifiers and…

126 #2.JPG
Ever Ready Battery 126 4.5 volts. In original packaging slightly damaged and worn box. Ever Ready Battery for longer life! +4.5 v Made in Britain.

B107 #2.JPG
Ever Ready Radio Battery Batrymax B107 90v. Original packaging. B107 Power-S Ever Ready Co. GB Ltd. Slight damage on the packaging - original. Battery for life! Ever Ready. Made in Great Britain. +90v.

B103 #2.JPG
Ever Ready B103 All Dry Radio Battery. In original packaging, slight damage to box and discolouration of packaging. B103 Radio Battery Combined HT & LT battery. Ever Ready for life! 90v +1.5 v

AD28 #6.JPG
Ever Ready Battery AD28 enclosed in it's original blue casing and plastic wrapping. Never been opened from the packet and no leakage from the battery acid. Packaging and battery in pristine condition. Light blue Ever Ready packaging from the 1955…
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