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SC Cossor OM-10 valve & box No. 371 (2).JPG
Iheater 0.2A Vheater 6.3V Ianode 2.7mA

Elpico box #2.JPG
Elpico Electronic radio valve PL81 box.
Green box, cardboard with yellow and black writing.
"12 months guarantee. Cylinder valve."

SC Mullard EBC41 box & valve No. 358 (1).JPG
Mullard EBC41 radio valve 8 pins Double Diode-Triode PIVmax 350V (diode) Vanode_max 300V (triode)

SC Mullard PY88 box & valve (1).JPG
Diode PY88 Base: 9 pin, England, 1964-65. Iheater       300mA Vheater       30V PIVmax        6.6kV Ianode max   220mA
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