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SC AM Rapid Telegraph Co..JPG
Am. Rapid Tel. Co. 5 Telegram. 5c blister brown revenue stamp. American Rapid Telegraph Company produced. Large figure of the arabic numeral 5 encased in a frame on a brown background. Black ink dot on the centre of the number 5. No frank mark.

australian envelope.jpg
Commemorative envelope.Colours: White, mustard, black. Printed image of the LHS on envelope depicts Copeland with an early micorphone". Text reads "50th year regular radio broadcasting. 7c Stamp depicting radio. Stamp text reads "GPO Brisbane QLD…

Box in two parts. Top lid of box is covered in red paper. Top Corner is worn and broke through. Wear on all corners. Box covered in red paper. Paper folded on lid is slightly torn with dog ears. Sticker from top LH corner diagonally to bottom RH…

Cav G103 battery HT Accumulator, built to last. Made in England. C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd. in Acton (West London) was founded by Charles Anthony Vandervell (CAV) in 1892 and moved to Warple Way, Acton London W3 in 1904. It's brand name was CAV (and…

CAV battery box.JPG
Cav G103 battery box. C.A. Vandervell & Co. Ltd battery box for the G103 HT Accumulator. Box slightly damaged with roughed edges. The advertisement on the front of the box includes the Cav logo and an image of the pyramid at Giza with palm tree. The…

Charles Farrell&Janet Gaynor.jpg
Post card print of a watercolour likeness of actors Charles Farrell & Janet Gaynor

SC Belgian Congo #2.JPG
A garland containing 'CONGO 50c BELGE' (French) across the top of the stamp. Purple, black and white in colour. With 'BELGISCH CONGO' (Dutch) on the base of the stamp. Stamp contains Franking imprint. Stamp image is celebrating the history of…

SC Cossor OM-10 valve & box No. 371 (2).JPG
Iheater 0.2A Vheater 6.3V Ianode 2.7mA
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